Celebrate & cook Louisiana dishes with a 'skinny' twist! Shelly Marie offers 'skinny' and easy delicious recipes, meals, and snacks reflecting the best of what Louisiana offers. No spending long hours in the kitchen. Skinny Louisiana... in the Kitchen is all about easy to prepare, healthy recipes.
It's easy, skinny, healthy, and delicious!

Learn to prepare simple and mouth-watering Louisiana style dishes in no time. Skinny Louisiana in the Kitchen combines the authentic and delicious flavors of Louisiana cooking with principles of healthy eating.

Skinny Louisiana... in the Kitchen includes:

Healthy Recipes
80 healthy and delicious recipes that lets you celebrate the best of Louisiana's dishes

Healthy Pantry Essentials
List of pantry essentials offering substitutes for ingredients high in calories

Healthy Shopping Guide
Shopping guide that helps you plan a successful trip to your local grocery store.