Shelly Marie Redmond, MS, RD, LDM, founder of Skinny Louisiana™, is on a mission to educate all to eat and live life with a ‘skinny’ twist. Shelly is a culinary dietitian, etiquette instructor, TV personality, spokesperson, and the author of Skinny Louisiana in the Kitchen.

Shelly brings her skills and personal stories from working as a culinary dietitian combined with personal stories of her childhood and medical illness to motivate all to live life with a ‘skinny’ twist. Shelly will have your audience laughing, shedding a few tears, and ready to change (and motivate others to change)!

In addition to the topics below, Shelly is happy to design a program to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Let’s Cook! A Cooking Demonstration with Skinny Louisiana!

Want a fun, lively cooking demonstration for your crowd? Shelly can bring your crowd 1, 2, or 3 fun dishes directly from her book, ‘Skinny Louisiana…in the Kitchen’. She walks through each recipe and gives simple tips on how to modify recipes to fit heart-healthy, diabetic-friendly and weight loss guidelines using pantry friendly ingredients. (Great for a celebration during Heart Health Month, Diabetes Month, Health Fairs, Trade Shows, and/or Race Celebrations)!

Skinny Louisiana: 3 Ways to Live Louisiana Life with a Skinny Twist

Gumbo. Jambalaya. Fried Shrimp. Dishes we love, yet avoid because of the ‘f-words.’ Fear of fat! Guess what? You don’t have to have fear. Shelly Marie Redmond, culinary dietitian, founded Skinny Louisiana to allow us to enjoy all our Louisiana dishes and live our lives with a ‘skinny’ twist. In this lively presentation, Shelly goes over her 3 top tips she uses on her successful weight loss clients on living a ‘Skinny Louisiana’ life with a ‘skinny’ twist.

Skinny Louisiana...On a Diet

While many think of Louisiana food as fat, fat and fat, most do not realize our state is a top producer in foods that are both incredible for our health and full of antioxidants. Louisiana pecans are a rich source of omega-3 (heart-heath), Louisiana sweet potatoes are an amazing source of vitamin A, and boiled and grilled Louisiana seafood is a wonderful source of protein. From the Louisiana homeland and waters to your plate, this presentation will have you enjoying our state foods without sacrificing our waistline.

Skinny Louisiana: A Culinary Tour Reflecting the Past, Present, and Future of Louisiana Food History

Giving the gift of cooking by her 2 Cajun grandmothers, Shelly’s culinary history dates back to the days her grandmother Edna trolled and her grandmother Louise ‘cranked’ and ‘churned’ dishes. Discover the food heritage of our state as we take a stroll back and discuss the cultures that formed our incredible Louisiana food scene as well as the future with food pairings using our indigenous foods.

Skinny Louisiana in the Kitchen: How to Modify our Favorite Louisiana Dishes without Losing Flavor

Want a fun, lively cooking demonstration for your crowd? This presentation is a hit! Shelly walks through our favorite Louisiana dishes and teaches all how to re-work each recipe (and your own personal recipes) using SIMPLE and REAL ingredients from the local supermarket to save at least 1/3 fat, calories, and carbs of your favorite Louisiana dishes!

Skinny Louisiana for the Professional: The Three Secrets of a Productive Employee!

Based off Shelly’s book, ‘Skinny Louisiana…in the Kitchen’, she reviews HER 3 simple eating and living well habits for the professional to look, feel, and be absolutely fabulous and productive at work and home! You will decrease stress and increase productivity using her secrets the second you walk out of the presentation!

What Can My Patient Eat? A Nutrition Guide for Health Professionals

Heart disease? Cancer? High blood pressure? It is difficult for health professionals to navigate the field of nutrition with patients due to short patient interaction time. What can we tell our patients? This presentation will give you the nutrition tips and goals to discuss with your patients, as well as learn the best foods in preventing heart health and cancer prevention.

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